I am in the need of converting a local SVN repository to GIT. I know how to convert a remote SVN repository to git, however, I only have the local repositories; they are no longer hosted. How would I go about converting a local SVN repo to git?

What I tried was this:

git svn clone -s file://data/svn/repo/ /data/git/repo.git

Error was:

E: 'trunk' is not a complete URL and a separate URL is not specified

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Figured it out...

I needed an extra / after file:// so that it started at the root of the filesystem. Darn it!

Final command worked:

git svn clone -s file:///data/svn/repo/ /data/git/repo.git

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    +1 I have experienced the annoyance of that missing slash several times myself.
    – David Z
    Aug 24, 2010 at 1:26

Another option is to use SubGit

$ subgit install /data/svn/repo/

The difference is that is also converts ignores, tags, EOLs-related settings, and the Git created is automatically kept in sync with the SVN repository. To break synchronization run

$ subgit uninstall /data/svn/repo

The resulting repository will br

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