I need to enable quota's in my linux system. As mentioned in this article which suggests to run quotaon command in sysinit file.

I am using Suse Linux Enterprise Edition. Where can I find this file. I have checked /etc/rc.d directory. But it does not have rc.sysinit file


2003-08-09 is a little bit old and Linux systems have changed since then.

You should consult the SLES administration manuals which you can find under http://www.novell.com/documentation/sles10/#administration

I wouldn't also be surprised if there was an appropriate YaST module for quota configuration.

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I'm a redhat guy, so I am not an expert on suse, but based on the one suse host I have access to the suse equivalent to rc.sysinit is /etc/init.d/boot

rc.sysinit (on redhat systems) is the script that init calls to kick off the startup process.

Basically you need to check you /etc/inittab for lines that contain sysinit, boot or bootwait and it will be the script specified in one of those lines.

On the suse system I have access to the relevant line in /etc/inittab looks like this:

# First script to be executed, if not booting in emergency (-b) mode

See man inittab for more details.

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