Is there a canonical way to remove the ".git" suffix from listings of gitweb? This is the only thing bothering me when viewing the repositories...

I could probably change this in the source, but upon updates, the modification would be overwritten. So I am looking for a more persistent solution.


I suspect that this is because your repositories are NOT bare repositories; that is, gitweb doesn't work correctly with non-bare repositories. A good way to check is--the directory that gitweb is publishing; does it contain a bunch of directories with a .git directory? The solution would be to use bare repositories (git clone --bare) instead.


It was even easier than I suspected. The repository directory names were wrong. The script I used to create symbolical links automatically added a .git suffix for the directory that was not necessary. Fixing the script fixed my problem.

Sorry for the hassle.

  • I had similar problem - I populated my git root with symbolic links and found that you need to link to the .git subfolder. ln -s ~/angular/angular-testing-course/.git ~/git-root/angular-testing-course – MortimerCat Jun 14 at 9:59

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