Solaris 10, SPARC.

While trying clean up my "/opt" directory, I saw the "sun_docs" directory.

I scanned the contents with "du -a", and also found a single, possibly related file (/var/opt/sun_docs/sundocs.html).

If I understand correctly, it looks like a local set of HTML files, designed to be ready by a locally running browser? It looks like it could be shared via http, if an admin knew how to turn that on.

I did google and check docs.sun.com.



That is not a directory that comes with the standard install of Solaris 10. It gets created if you install packages from the Solaris Documentation media. It is in no way system critical.


The files can be viewed through a local browser or could be moved into a location within a webserver's DocumentRoot to make them viewable over HTTP.

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