Grub seems to support GPT, or so it says, there is a patch for it, however when i try to boot after installing grub into the active boot partition (ext2) it starts to boot and before grub loads any stage 1.5 stuff it dies and hangs, got 1 big raid array on an Areca card and need to be able to boot from this, dont care how, grub, lilo, whatever, just need to work out a way to boot from the GPT drive. Don't care if I have to nuke the partitions either, just need this stupid thing to work sigh

BTW, areca is FAAAAAAAAST :) just wish i read up on this before the initial installation

originally it was set to msdos label on the filesystem before i changed it to gpt (the system was working, just couldnt use past 2tb (4.5tb total)) then i rescued the partitions in parted and they mount fine from a livecd, im curious if that isnt the cause of the problem but doubtful it is at the same time. Suggestions welcomed.


Have you tried this HOWTO? link

Also you might want to try this patch.

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