I have a W2k3 server running IIS6 and MVC2 (.net 4).

Right after the iis starts, everything works ok, the site runs fine. Extensionless urls work ok.

After a certain period of time (maybe of inactivity) the server stops working and starts to send 404 errors to the client.

As soon as I restart de application pool, everithing goes back to normal and the site is up again. The thing is, I shouldn't be restarting the application pool every few hours.

Any thoughts?


Do you by chance have more than one .NET web app running in that application pool targeting different versions of the framework? If so, create a new application pool so that you have different application pools for apps that target different versions of the framework.

  • Hmmm., the site was previously running version 3.5 of the framework. But right now it is the only site on the server, targetted for .net 4. I will try deleting both the app pool and the site and see if it works. – DanC Sep 2 '10 at 2:49

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