I created a few sieve (dovecot implementation) filter scripts and want to test them using sieve-test.

All scripts which are using global includes are failing with the following message

Error: sieve: include: sieve_global_dir not set for :global script include (wanted script 'bugzilla.sieve')

The sieve_global_dir is set in dovecot.conf and the include works when started by deliver.

How to define sieve_global_dir that it is read by sieve-test and sievec?

Thanks in advance


According to parts of the wiki and reading a little source code from dovecot.org:


...you should be able to do something like:

export SIEVE_DIR=/some/path
export SIEVE_GLOBAL_DIR=/some/other/path
sievec -d -P /some/file.sieve

The source is complicated, but if I read the Pigeonhole sieve sources correctly the lib-sieve/plugins/environment/ code will read in anything you define, and sievec has checks for setting these two values out of the environment when run. I can't confirm this though as I don't have it installed to test, YMMV.

  • SIEVE_GLOBAL_DIR is exactly what I needed. And I can confirm, it is as you said ;) Thanks a lot – krissi Sep 15 '10 at 7:56
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Sorry but i don't think the solution is right.

In dovecot 2.x.x doing

export SIEVE_GLOBAL_DIR=/some/other/path

won't work.

i have added the following line to the dovecot.conf file (inside the plugin section):


And every think works!

Obviously that path must contain a sieve.global file.

Thank you.

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