I've set up apache to use git-http-backend as per the instructions in the pro git book, and its manpage. My apache config now looks like:

SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT /var/www/git
ScriptAlias /git/ /usr/lib/git-core/git-http-backend/
<LocationMatch "^/git/.*/git-receive-pack$">
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Git Access"
Require group committers

I can clone a repo using git clone http: //user@url/git/repo.git
which prompts me for the password for 'user', then continues. However, when I attempt to push, I'm prompted for my password twice, and then get an error:

Cannot access URL http: //user@url/git/repo.git/, return code 22

(I've inserted a space into the URLs, because the spam prevention mechanism won't let me post otherwise)

When I look at my apache log, I see: - - [12/Sep/2010:20:11:22 +0100] "GET /git/repo.git/info/refs?service=git-receive-pack HTTP/1.1" 403 - "-" "git/" - - [12/Sep/2010:20:11:23 +0100] "GET /git/repo.git/info/refs HTTP/1.1" 200 59 "-" "git/" - - [12/Sep/2010:20:11:23 +0100] "GET /git/repo.git/HEAD HTTP/1.1" 200 23 "-" "git/" - - [12/Sep/2010:20:11:26 +0100] "PROPFIND /git/repo.git/ HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-" "git/"

I've added 'user' to the 'committers' group on the server (seemed easiest to just follow the instructions), and my local .netrc (chmodded 600) looks like this:

machine address
login user
password pass

Every instruction I've found seems slightly unclear as to whether I have to enable DAV for the dir in question (I thought that was the old way to do it, though). I could just use gitolite, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this first…


PROPFIND is a non-standard webdav HTTP method.
You'll need to enable webdav for the location of your repository. Enable mod_dav in httpd.conf and add this to your vhost LocationMatch block:

<LocationMatch "^/git/.*/git-receive-pack$">
  Dav on

Then make sure your Apache user has write access to your repository.


The important thing in your apache log is the following line: - - [12/Sep/2010:20:11:22 +0100] "GET /git/repo.git/info/refs?service=git-receive-pack HTTP/1.1" 403 - "-" "git/"

git-http-backend is returning a 403/Forbidden code when the client asks to use the git-receive-pack method. It then falls back to WebDAV, but using WebDAV is not necessary.

I had the same problem; in my case this was due to REMOTE_USER not being set. In my case, REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER /was/ set, so I set REMOTE_USER to REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER, which solved the problem.

I documented my setup on my blog - and see if that works for you.

  • @valhallasw Where did you add the REMOTE_USER part? – user87986 Jul 18 '11 at 12:12
  • In the CGI handler script - before calling git-http-backend, it sets REMOTE_USER=$REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER if $REMOTE_USER is not set. – valhallasw Aug 4 '12 at 22:16

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