I want to deliver cron generated emails to my id, abc@example.com instead of being saved on /var/spool/clientqueue

I've done the following:

echo "set smtp=smtp.example.com" > /root/.mailrc echo "set from=abc@exmaple.com" >> /root/.mailrc

but nothing happen.

Any help ??

No I don't want to run MTA on my machine. I want to using external smtp instead of running a smtp on my machine. this is what i want.

I don't want to use postfix or sendmail. I want to use a smtp server as normally we use smtp in outlook express as outgoing server. Same like that i want to use an external smtp for cron.

I want to deliver emails on behalf of other MTA which would be use as smtp for all of the emails delivery.

  • Do you actually have an MTA running on the box? Which one? And can you post the content of /etc/aliases. – wolfgangsz Sep 18 '10 at 18:56
  • Without an MTA how do you expect the machine to be able to pass that email to another server? – John Gardeniers Sep 20 '10 at 10:30

First, the 'To' Field is defined in /etc/aliases. Check if 'root: abc@example.com' is written. For the "From" part, You should rewrite the mail. I do that in postfix with "smtp_generic_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/generic" and a file where there is root abc@example.com

Don't forget to compile the file by 'postmap /etc/postfix/generic'

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