I'm setting up rsnapshot to backup a production LAMP server. These are the directories that currently are going to be backed up.

  • /home
  • /etc
  • /usr/local
  • /root
  • /var

What directories can I exclude from /var? Anything else that should be backed up/excluded?

Side: Is there a problem backing up to /var/backups?


You can probably skip /var/run, but that directory holds so little data, it's probably not worth skipping.

Sure, you can back up to /var/backup (or whatever location you wish, really). Just be careful exclude your /var/backup from your backup sets otherwise you'll get into a recursive backup situation, which isn't good.

Additionally, I assume that /var/backup is on local disk? If so, make sure to consider how you'll get the contents of /var/backup off of local disk to a remote location somehow. Needless to say, those backups won't do you a bit of good on local disk if you have a hard drive failure or filesystem corruption.

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  • Thanks! The server is in the Rackspace cloud, and is using their backup also. But yes, the local backups will be backed up to another server in that cloud. – Znarkus Sep 19 '10 at 20:37

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