I am setting up a multi-site/multi-store Magento installation, and I want each site to have its own cPanel account so I can setup the SSL and dedicated IP properly. I have tried to create a linux group called 'magento' and changed the files I need to share to that group (even added the users to that group), however when I try to access files through my scripts on those accounts it doesn't acknowledge the files exist. I first made a soft symbolic link which didn't work and then including them to their real location but it didn't work. Am I missing a step in allowing which users can access which files? I added the users to the magento group and like I said changed the group of the files I need to share to them but it's still not working.

Thanks, Darren

  • Admin panels are off topic (see this for some reasons). The community has decided that we want to close both old and new questions when such an admin panel is relevant (link 1, link 2).
    – Sven
    Apr 14, 2015 at 16:31

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The proper way to share files is to not use cPanel with this.

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