Currently using Vembu's storegrid. Not very happy with the user interface, the reports or nothing. Very hard to get a good grip on how well everything is.

  • backing up typical servers such as Windows 2003/2008, multiple Linux flavors, exchange, MS SQL, MySQL etc etc.

  • Recently we also have an interest in providing small companies backup of their office machines, so either two different solutions or one that is suitable for both.

  • We obviously need both full and incremental backups.

  • We do backup to DAS (Direct Attached Storage).

What do you guys use?


We use Commvault, it works great for our MSSQL, Linux and VMWare ESXi boxes and isn't as expensive as the Backup Exec we used to use.


Take a look at bacula. There are some nice web interfaces available and it is all opensource. It does take a bit to get up and running but once it is up it is stable.

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