I am trying to use psexec to run a program on my windows server 2008 boxes. It returns with the message "Can't access myserver: The network path was not found."

If I turn off Windows Server firewall, I can successfully run the command.

Can anyone help me with the specific settings I need to change in windows server 2008 firewall to get this to work?

Thanks in advance...


Here are the In Bound Connection rules that need to be enabled:

  • Under "File and Printer Sharing"
    • Echo Request
      • ICMpv4-In
      • ICMpv6-In
    • NB-Datagram-In
    • NB-Name-In
    • NB-Session-In
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I'm still confused as to why psexec is the remote shell of choice when WinRM offers all of the same benefits but with a single port opening in the firewall.

It does need configuring but probably less than PSExec. No problems if you've settled on psexec already, I'm just offering additional options. :)

Really quickly you need to execute winrm quickconfig on the machine that you wish to control. This quickstart command alters a number of settings throughout the system so it's worth investigating if your security policies allow this before you run it.

Once run, you can use WinRS like this:

WinRS -r:Computername ipconfig

You can, if you don't already have permissions on the target system, run the command with other credentials.

WinRS -r:Computername -u:Username -p:Password ipconfig

You can also use PowerShell commands on remote machines configured for remote management. From within Powershell management

Invoke-Command hostname {powershell-command} or icm hostname {powershell-command}

If you have the right infrastructure, WinRM and WinRS can replace the need for psexec and the quickconfig command makes setup simple enough.



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