A simple question about Amazon (AWS) S3 storage. Is there any other way to upload data to S3 apart from the web console interface?

I have a huge amount of family photos and home videos split into hundreds of directories I would like to backup remotely, so FTP seemed as the most convenient option in this case.

Thank you.


You can also try Minio client aka mc Its open source, single binary & compatible with AWS S3. The client is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD.

You could run mc mirror for performing the same.

Mirror a local folder recursively to Amazon S3 cloud storage.

  $ mc mirror C:\backup\2014 s3\documents\2014\ 

You can also check YouTube channel videos we have added explaining the operation, hope it helps.

Disclaimer: I work for Minio

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After reviewing many options I finally went for the free Windows client of CrossFTP which so far works great uploading entire directories to Amazon S3 just like any other FTP session.

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