how i can take backup of file on UNIX-AIX ?

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Depends what you mean. Backing up a file could be as simple as copying it somewhere else.

cp myfile /my/backups/myfile.bak

dump/restore if you use tape. Otherwise use tar. Bacula and Amanda automate backup, But need time for their adjustment and learning.


There's 2 included ways of backing up a file in AIX, the "backup" command, and the Unix standard "tar" command.

To backup a file with tar run:

tar cvf /tmp/backup.tar ./path/to/originalfile

To restore the contents of the tar file back to the original location run:

cd /
tar xvf /tmp/backup.tar

if you want to make a backup copy for a list of files:

prompt> # backup -ivf /dev/rmt0 file1 file2 file3 ...

if you want to backup a filesystem:

prompt> # backup -0 -u -f /dev/rmt0 / ( or any other filesystem )

later you´ld restore them using the restore command.

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