I have a Server 2008 R2 as host OS, and XP SP3 as guest OS. (Using VBOX and NAT connection) The host ip is xxx.xxx.xx.47 and the guest ip is xxx.xxx.xx.91. I assigned xxx.xxx.xx.91 to the VM but when I go check on SHOWIP sites, I'm still getting the host IP. (xxx.xxx.xx.47)

Here's what my Internet Protocol Properties on the VM looks like :

(To fill these I typed ipconfig , copied and pasted them, changing only the IP address) Use the following IP address : IP address : xxx.xxx.xxx.91 Subnet mask : Default Gateway : (I've been told the default gateway is xxx.xxx.xxx.1 , but this way I cannot connect to internet at all)

Use the following DNS server addresses : Preferred DNS server : xx.xxx.xxx.2 Alternate DNS server : xx.xxx.xxx.3

What's going on ?


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Instead of using NAT, you need to use a bridged adapter in virtual box, and it will be as if it is another machine on the network.