I have configured apache2 virtual host with a sub domain in the following way:


<VirtualHost *>
  ServerName website.local
  ServerAlias sub.website.local
  DocumentRoot /home/myname/dev/website/web/

/etc/hosts website.local sub.website.local

And it works! Both http://website.local and http://sub.websitel.local point to DocumentRoot. Now, how do I reconfigure this, so that any subdomain http://*.website.local will point to DocumentRoot?


you can use a wildcard to match any subdomain name in apache:

serveralias *.website.local

the problem is the hosts file doesn't support wildcards. if you use a local dns bind service as a resolver you can register the website.local zone and create the dns wildcard as well.

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In apache.conf:

ServerAlias *.website.local

However it is not possible to use wildcards in /etc/hosts. You would need to setup a DNS server for that.

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