I have an IIS machine with three IPs, - .12. I'm running two different SSL-based sites on .10 and .11, port 443. Everything is fine.

I've now installed another web server onto my machine and am trying to get it to listen on port 443 on the .12 IP address. Unfortunately IIS and the other server refuse to cooperate, even though the IPs being bound are different. They both think there's a conflict with that port.

Is there any way to get IIS to play nice with the other server?

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Interesting scenario, you need to tell IIS to not bind to You can check with netsh if IIS is bound to that IP.

Here is a blog entry which does exactly what you also try: http://microsync.net/web-server/run-iis-and-apache-webserver-on-same-machine-on-same-port-80.html

  • This worked perfectly. I must admit it's pretty obscure though. I explicitly told IIS to only listen for HTTP requests on the .10 and .11 addresses. The other server works just fine now on the .12 with SSL. Oct 8, 2010 at 21:11

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