My firm has hosted exchange (2003) that can be accessed using outlook or https which has worked for years. Last Friday night it appears that all Vista and Windows 7 machines began resetting the ssl connection. XP machines seem ok.

We are able to ping, tracert and telnet -80 to the hosted exchange machine. Our firewall consultant ran packet capture and reviewed the rules to verify traffic is getting in and out of the lan.

I've run wireshark on a client experiencing this problem; there are 23 frames from beginning to reset. I can follow the port selection, encrypted handshake, etc, and eventually the RST.

Why is the RST being sent? I see errors but I'm not sure which are significant. I see incorrect header checksums, a change cipher spec, a handful of [TCP Retransmission][TCP segment of a reassembled PDU] info records.

Another part of the conversation I don't understand is between out gateway and the client; a "Redirect (Redirect for network)" message using ICMP.

How can you figure out what's causing the RST?


The ISP was dropping packets. No explanation provided.

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