I am using ubuntu 10.10. with iptables! I want to log my firewall drops in the file /var/log/firewall and NOT in any other logfile.

So I added the following line to my file: /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf:

#iptables Log
kern.warning    /var/log/firewall.log

This way my drops and logs from iptables are logging into the right file!

Now i dont know what to add to not log the drops in the other files.. At this time it write every drop in /var/log/messages /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog

Heeeelp :)

I found this one : Add a local application to syslog excluded from /var/log/messages but it doesnt work.. Maybe because its Rsyslogd in Ubuntu 10.10?


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Use a discard action after the iptables log, but before the other logs.

kern.warning   /var/log/firewall.log
kern.warning   ~
*.*            /var/log/messages
  • What does ~ mean? (the rsyslog manual is a little vague). Oct 20, 2010 at 0:09
  • 1
    @Stefan: rsyslog.conf(5) man page, ACTIONS section, Discard subsection. Oct 20, 2010 at 0:12

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