I am running Symantec BackupExec CPS 2010 on Server 2008 R2. I have everything set up ok, the backups are running and I can perform restores. I also have configured the snapshots, but they do not run according to the schedule. I can, however, manually run the snapshots through CPS without any error, but when I look to restore something I do not see any of the snapshot restore points. I can see something that appears relevant in the CPS logs:

[RPCc] RxCsAdminSnapshotWrapper:d096274b-d79f-11df-a54f-001517b02006 failed with error code 0

I also sometimes see:

HLS703E Folder failed for CRXTreeIterator::InternalDoShortCut -- RXRESULT_IllegalOperation: HLS739E (InternalDoShortCut) Problem in shorthand notation 'F:' -- Not a shortcut

I see the latter error more often in the log (not just when the snapshots should run), and F is the drive where the CPS backups are located, but the normal backups all run fine. Through the Windows shadow copy interface, I have set the F drive snapshots to be stored on a different, larger drive, but the snapshots didn't work even before I made that change. Has anyone worked with CPS 2010 and seen an issue like this before?

UPDATE: I have also found that if I go into the Shadow Copies tab for the drive I'm working with (or vssuirun), I am not able to Enable and set a Schedule for the Shadow Copies (this would be outside of BackupExec). I get this error:

Failed to create a default schedule for creating shadow copies of volume F:\.
Error 0x80070005: Access is denied.

I believe this might be related to this issue if BackupExec relies on the Windows Shadow Copy scheduling for its own scheduling. Hopefully this might help someone see what issue I might be experiencing.

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So after playing around with it for a while longer, I found the problem. It turned out to be the permissions on C:\Windows\Tasks. Even the Administrators group only had read access, so this caused the error when trying to set the default schedule (ie, create a new task). It turns out that CPS does work directly with the Windows Shadow Copies, so it was trying to create a new task, but wasn't giving me any error about it. After fixing the permissions, everything worked normally.

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