I have a Physical Win2K8 R2 server GUI w/ Hyper-V. I have DC/AD setup (as a virtual inside this physical). I can log in to Physical Server using a DOMAIN USER ACCOUNT, then open Hyper-V manager, access the virtual machines. Before accessing virtual machine, I have to enter username/password.

In another physical PC I have Win7 Ultimate w/Hyper-V manager. This PC is also under same domain and LAN. I log in to this PC using same Domain User account. I open Hyper-V manager and

try to connect to the Physical Win2K8 server. I get permission error: Yo do not have the permission to complete this task. Contact administrator ... .. .

I used to able to access the Hyper-V from this Win7 machine earlier. Few days ago, my DC crashed (which is a virtual, inside Physical Win2K8). Had lot of trouble to get physical pc and virtuals to get back online. My guess is, while there was no DC (week & half) and revived from a secondary (old) DC/AD, some permission got screwd.

I have done: mmc.exe -> add/rmvSnapIn->AuthMngr->BrowseAuthStoreXmlFile->Admin_>Add and Added Domain Users as Admin of Hyper-V. Before doing this, I could not access Hyper-V manager even from the physical machine.

Do I have to uninstall/re-install Hyper-V manager in Win7 machine? Why same user account can access Hyper-V manager from local machine, but not from a remote machine?

I will appreciate a reply. Thanks.

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Followed instructions in this link and it worked.


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