When I insert a record with a foreign key relationship, how can I change the drop-down to show another foreign table column? By default, it shows the foreign table's primary key (an int) that isn't very descriptive. Can I force it to display another field (like a varchar field with description) from the same foreign table?

For example, if there are foreign table GenderID's of 1=Male and 2=Female, and the foreign key is Person.GenderID, how can I force the dropdown to read "Male" or "Female" instead of "1" or "2"?

example tables:

GenderID  GenderDescription
1         Male
2         Female

PersonID  GenderID
1         2
2         2
3         1

MySQL v5.1.41 tables InnoDB

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    Similar to: serverfault.com/questions/180847/… (I haven't seen any indication that phpMyAdmin will support this behavior, but I'd be happy to be wrong) – danlefree Oct 18 '10 at 21:42
  • Thanks for the reference. I found, in PMA documentation, the ability to produce a tooltip when browsing data, but you understood that wasn't what I was looking for. – David Fox Oct 18 '10 at 22:17

In the referenced table (Gender) you can go to "Relation view" and under the table there is a select box "Choose field to display", in which you choose column that will be displayed next to GenderId value in the referencing table (Person). phpymadminWiki

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