What static route configuration (as shown by command line "route PRINT"):

  1. Network Destination
  2. Netmask
  3. Gateway
  4. Interface
  5. Metric

could be used to reach a specified static route (web proxy) in the Intranet, giving that:

  1. Subnet Mask =
  2. Gateway = BLANK

for a computer in a flat LAN.

I tried Netmask and Gateway (on link) but when trying to ping the web proxy destination IP, it says Network Destination Unreachable!

Any thoughts?

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    The mask you are using says that every bit of the IP address is network which means there are no hosts. Try a mask of which means that every bit of the IP address is host. All of this assumes one network with no router / outside connections.
    – dbasnett
    Oct 19, 2010 at 12:05

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Perhaps I do not understand the question, but if you are trying to reach a resource on the same local network segment, then you do not need a route at all. It should compare the destination address with your subnet mask, determine it is on the local network segment and directly send to that device


you need for the mask as well if it is the default route


you need to put your gateway as network destination

  • I'd suggest that in the future that you put this type of information as a comment and not as an answer.
    – mdpc
    Dec 16, 2012 at 6:12

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