I have the machine with installed the Windows 7 Enterprise N edition. I have installed the sql server 2008 also there . so can i install MOSS 2007 on such connfiguration? if not what should i do. i tried to install but showing not compitible prompt. what have to do? is wss3.0 already present in windows 7 like windows server 2003 ? I know i can do this by virtual PC installation , but i don't want right away to virtualize machine.


MOSS 2007 is only supported by Microsoft on Windows Server operating systems:


This is a real pain, as it means developers have to work on remote servers (what I do :/) or run VMs with a Windows Server OS.

I believe there are some workarounds to get it running on Windows 7, but to be honest this is not supported and it's probably not worth the trouble:



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