What is the easiest way from a Windows server to send an email notification?

I need simple program or script to email a user for 2 different scripts I need to create. I do not have a scripting language preference.

One script will needs to send an email notification when their password is about to expire. The other script needs to email a user the password for a generic account on weekly basis.


Have a look at Blat and this example on how to run it from a batch file. Also nice is that it's a standalone utility that doesn't require installation.

  • Ya' know, I was going to mention blat but decided I'd get laughed at for not using some fancy PowerShell-based thing. I love blat, and use it frequently. – Evan Anderson Oct 21 '10 at 18:38

Assuming you have an email server on your network that this server can reach

TechNet Script Center Repository

Just replace "smarthost" with the name of the email server

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