i've installed oracle database 11g standard edition. I opened "Oracle Enterprise manager" and i want to made new (and empty) database, create 5 tables and a user with permission only do access this one db. i'm new in oracle db, and wasted already 2 days on trying to figure out how to use it - no success :(

I need some tips how to do it i cant fint anything in EM, so much options, everything useless.

Is there any other tool to manage db like phpmyadmin on mysql?


Two days would be a long time to get started with a new email program or web browser, but it is expected for an Oracle database. It may not be reasonable or desirable, but we can't do much about that. So, take a step back and work your way into the product. Standard Edition is just as difficult as the full blown Enterprise Edition. You will have a lot to learn and it is not your fault that certain aspects of Oracle don't make much sense.

I suggest you start off by reading the Oracle concepts guide. Then look through the appropriate platform installation guides. If your database is already installed and working you can install SQLDeveloper to build your tables and set permissions or do it all from SQLPlus.


If you have $ORACLE_HOME/bin in your $PATH, and X11 working, you can say dbca on the box you have the Oracle server installed and get a wizard for DB creation.

Grid Control is for monitoring/managing existing systems, not for creating new ones.

  • OS specific, but useful if applicable. – Leigh Riffel Nov 2 '10 at 14:43
  • DBCA is also in the Start menu on Windows – Gaius Nov 2 '10 at 16:13

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