I have a machine running Apache with mod_proxy that I'm using to proxy a local Tomcat server running on another port.

The problem is that Tomcat does not support wildcard sub-domains(whole reason for using apache/mod_proxy) and our app uses the subdomain to figure out what account the data should come from. So with that said, is there a way to pass the subdomain as a url parameter via mod_proxy?

For example, I have this:

ProxyPass / http://example.com:8080/

In a virtual host block and I can access the site from any subdomain. Would is be possible to do something like:

ProxyPass / http://example.com:8080/?subdomain=the_sub_domain_requested

Thanks for any and all help...



The answer was to use mod_rewrite...

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    I am facing the same problem, could you by any chance post the mod rewrite configuration you used please? – KayKay Feb 21 '12 at 0:18

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