I'm using Forefront TMG to do web server publishing & SSO and very little else. Are there any open source alternatives that can satisfy all (or at least most) of these features:

  • Web server publishing
  • Load balancing
  • URL (re)mapping
  • Web based single sign on w/ support for http basic/ntlm/kerberos authentication on the backend web server
  • Ability to add hooks into the login process or even develop your own

Customizing the forms based authentication pages on Forefront is a nightmare of terrible javascript, html, and css. It also doesn't provide a way to hook into the login process. Ideally I'd like to drop it and use something more extensible/free.


Looks like Apache httpd should be able to do all those things using:

This is of course not an out-of-the-box solution, but with some googling it shouldn't be to hard to figure out + it's very customizable

btw. the next Forefront TMG version should be much better... ;)


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