I have an office LAN protected using a Zyxel Zywall USG 300. I've set up an L2TP/ipsec VPN on that which accepts connections using a shared secret and I've tested this from multiple clients.

I have a server offsite and want to set up RRAS to use a persistent connection to the VPN so that it can carry out network jobs even with no one logged in (I'm using it for Micorosft DPM secondary backup).

If I create a vpn as if I were setting up a users laptop it can dial in no problem but if I set up a demand dial interface in RRAS it errors.

  • I enable RRAS ticking only demand dial interface (branch office routing)
  • Select network interfaces, right click and choose new demand dial interface
  • Name the VPN ToCompany
  • Select connect using VPN
  • And then L2TP as the vpn type
  • enter the IP address (double-checked for typos!)
  • select Route IP packets on this interface
  • specify static route to remote network as with metric of 1
  • add dial out credentials (again double checked for typos and confirmed with other vpn connections
  • click finish
  • now I right-click on the new interface and choose properties and then the security tab
  • I change Data encryption to optional
  • select only PAP for Authentication (both as per manufacturer of Zywall)
  • click advanced settings against type of vpn and set shared secret
  • then I select the new interface, right-click and choose connect

this dials and then errors with either 720 or 811 as the error codes. However, if I create a VPN by going to Network & Sharing center and setting up as if I was creating a VPN from my laptop to the office (say) it dials successfully

so I know the VPN settings are correct and the machine can connect to the VPN.

Suggests very strongly the problem is how I'm setting up RRAS. Can anyone help?

  • On the USG the log item: "info IKE [COOKIE] Invalid cookie, no sa found se.rv.er.ip:500 fi.re.wa.ll:500 IKE_LOG" ties up with the error from RRAS – Paul D'Ambra Nov 1 '10 at 14:49

"On the USG the log item: "info IKE [COOKIE] Invalid cookie, no sa found se.rv.er.ip:500 fi.re.wa.ll:500 IKE_LOG" ties up with the error from RRAS"

You're failing on phase 1(IKE).

  1. "No SA found" normally points to a firewall issue. Is port 500 open on the RRAS server?
  2. "Invalid Cookie" could also mean a setting mismatch. Make sure your SA renegotiation time is the same on both ends.
  • I can connect to the VPN via the Network & Sharing Center but the same settings in RRAS fail... – Paul D'Ambra Nov 12 '10 at 8:19
  • Hmm, It has to be a conflicting setting somewhere... – JakeRobinson Dec 6 '10 at 1:18

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