I've imported my old database (via phpMyAdmin) and everything seemed to be fine - except for the user/password combinations. I tried to do a "FLUSH PRIVILEGES" and afterwards, I couldn't login anymore into my root account either (which was working).

I tried to reset it via stopping the mysqld, starting mysqld_safe with the --skip-grant-tables flag and reset the root password. It returned no error message, but when I tried to login I still got 'Access denied'.

Any idea of what might have gone wrong?

Thanks a lot!

PS: This is on a Debian 5.0.6 System

EDIT: Somehow my root account was gone. I had to repeat the steps again, reset all the other passwords in the mysql.user table and add a new root account via

mysql> INSERT INTO user VALUES ('localhost','root',password('newpass'),'Y','Y ','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y', 'Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','' ,'','','',0,0,0,0);
mysql> INSERT INTO user VALUES ('','root',password('newpass'),'Y','Y ','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y', 'Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','' ,'','','',0,0,0,0);

Now it's working again.

Thanks for all the replies! Cheers

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just stop mysql [use kill if needed] and run it for a second with --skip-grant-tables option, change password for both root and debian-sys-maint password [so it matches one in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf ]


I don't know whether it does anything other than run mysqld_safe etc but I ran

dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0

and it gave me the option to reset the root password.

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