I have a domain name that I acquired through google. I would like to get it to work with godaddy's hosting. How can I start to get that done?

Right now I have what godaddy calls a preview site. I would like to create a subdomain at my current domain to work with godaddys hosting. Is that possible?

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If you are just going to use a sub-domain and keep the main domain at the current location. You can simple create a new A record that points to the GoDaddy IP address of the server.

  • That is exactly what I thought was the case. But godaddy has this shared IP for the hosting package we acquired. They don't provide an ip or any other address to go around that. Suggestions?
    – user59067
    Commented Nov 5, 2010 at 22:16
  • Your IP address has nothing to do with your domain DNS record other than you point your website to that. Commented Nov 5, 2010 at 23:31

It's easy to transfer domain names from one registrar to another. Here's GoDaddy's article on how to transfer to them: http://help.godaddy.com/article/1592


I just dealt with that.

I created another A record in my DNS setup:
subdomain.domain.com and IP of your hosting

I know you bought the domain from Google, but it still tells you in administration_panel> domains> details, if Google bought it from GoDaddy or the other domain registrar, if you have it from GoDaddy then youre fine (Domain-wise fine. Hosting-wise? Thats a different story with GoDaddy :)) But if you bought it from the other company, then you will have to add Godaddy Nameservers too.

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