I need to install .NET framework 3.5SP1 on Windows server 2008R2 64 bit server, but windows is not allowing me to do this manually. I tried to do this with Windows Update, but Windows update is stuck in downloading, at 0%. Please help


Please notice that the Setup Process for .NET has changed in 2008 R2. There is also a MSDN Blog Entry outlining the current procedure.

So following there example let's make sure .NET is correctly installed. Therefore you can issue these Powershell commands:

Import-Module ServerManager
Get-WindowsFeature | Where-Object { $_.name -eq "as-NET-Framework" } | format-list Displayname,Installed

Check that it says Installed:True. If the .NET Feature is not activated you can do so by issueing:

Add-WindowsFeature as-net-framework

If the feature is installed, and the problem with downloading persists you could try removing and reinstalling the .NET Framework from Scratch (uninstall the Feature, reboot, reinstall) and update with a clean installation.

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  • the feature was installed, and finally formatting and reinstalling solved the problem. Thanks – RaSiN Nov 5 '10 at 12:48

Try using System Update Readiness Tool. It tends to help in similar situations where updates are broken, stuck or failing all the time.

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