I'm currently in charge of packaging for Ubuntu some software my company creates and creating an apt repository for it. However, I'm having trouble finding tools to create and manage the repository with. I know about Ubuntu PPAs, but we want to have the packages in our own repository. I'd like to know what tools are there, so I can decide what is the best for the job.

Right now, I have only found reprepro on some debian howtos.. Is there any other tools out there for this job?

Thanks in advance, Pedro

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reprepro is a good tool, but it's likely overkill for what you're doing. I'd recommend looking at the apt-utils package. It contains the tool apt-ftparchive which is perfect for maintaining a reasonably sized internal repository.

See here for all the options and links to good howtos.


under documentroot on your webserver

mkdir myrepo

copy all the .deb files to the myrepo folder

cd myrepo

dpkg-scanpackages ./ /dev/null | gzip > Packages.gz

Using the repository:

Add to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://webserver/myrepo/ ./


This looks promising (and free too). aptly http://www.aptly.info/

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