I have a domain on my server (on its own virtualhost), e.g. domain.com, which has a lot of subdomains with content on it.

  • sub1.domain.com
  • sub2.domain.com

This virtualhost looks like this:

 ServerAdmin admin@domain.com
 ServerName domain.com
 ServerAlias *.domain.com
 DocumentRoot /var/www/domain.com/public_html/

I want to put other domains on the server and have each of them link to a specific subdomain on domain.com. I don't want it to redirect. I want a similar behavior as the [L,PT] flags on mod rewrite.

I've tried this:

 ServerName otherdomain.com
 ReWriteEngine on
 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^otherdomain.com$ [NC]
 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://sub1.domain.com/$1 [PT,L]

But it is giving me a 400 Bad request error.

How would I configure such a virtualhost?

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If the following doesn't do what you want, please explain why.

<Virtualhost ...>
  ServerName sub1.domain.com
  DocumentRoot /www/sub1

<Virtualhost ...>
  Servername otherdomain.com
  DocumentRoot /www/sub1
  • The subdomains on domain.com are created dynamically (my database stores which subdomains exist), that's why I'm using ServerAlias *.domain.com. There is no physical document root for every subdomain. Nov 5, 2010 at 12:36

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