So I am currently running dovecot as a mail delivery agent, and a little while ago it all strangely stopped working (I think this may have been about the time I ran out of space on my server - since resolved). When I telnet into the server and List the mail messages I get:

+OK 0 messages:

But when I look in /var/mail/ mail is listed and if I type in 'mail' I get a list of unread messages, how come this list is not showing in telnet?

I found a single post where someone is encountering a similar problem here

Where they recommend:

After I deleted the dovecot.index file, all messages are available and everything works as expected.everything works as expected.

However, this had no effect for me.


Is dovecot configured to store mail in /var/mail/ ? It does not necessarily store mail there. Check your dovecot configuration.

  • Slaps forehead - thanks for that, dovecot somehow got changed so that it was looking in a different location. – Clinton Nov 7 '10 at 23:58

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