In this above command what is sudo,chown,-R,www-data? In which place we are using this command,why two times www-data reapeted. Please explain me.

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    You are using this command without knowing why/what it does? Is this a real job? – pauska Nov 11 '10 at 7:05

The first thing I'll try to explain is sudo. sudo stands for superuser do. Using sudo, the user can act as a 'root' level of system operation. Shortly, sudo gives user a privilege as a root system.

And then, about chown, chown is used for setting the ownership of folder or file. The explanation of -R had been answered (it recursively descends to all sub-folders).

So the last thing is about www-data written repeated.www-data:www-data the first one is user, the second is group. Your username can be added as a member of www-data group, by this command sudo adduser user www-data, user can be replaced with your username. That command will result in user www-data.

Hope it helps..


The syntax for chown is user:group - so this command changes the ownder of all files to www-data, and the group to www-data.


It's recursively changing both the user and group owners for the file path specified.

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