I've installed Twiki and when I run the following command:

perl -I bin tools/mailnotify SomeWeb

I get the message stating that the notifications have been sent:

Processing SomeWeb
   * myname@mydomain.com : *
      Last notification was at ...
      Change to SomeTopic at ... New revision is NN

Notified myname@mydomin.com of changes in SomeWeb
      1 change notifications from SomeWeb

However, I'm not getting any e-mail with the notification.

It's seem to be some configuration problem, but I can't figure out what... I haven't found where to configure anything (the smpt server to use, the account on the smtp server to use).


Can you send emails using mailx or some other cli client? I think twiki is relying on something like sendmail already being installed to do the sending. Here's a line out of their documentation, not sure how recent.

SMTPMAILHOST is typically set on Windows or other non-Unix/Linux systems, where sendmail or similar is not available. When this is set and the Perl module Net::SMTP is installed, TWiki will connect to this SMTP server (e.g. mail.yourdomain.com) to send email for user registration and WebChangesAlerts. If you do have a sendmail-type program, leave SMTPMAILHOST unset so that the external sendmail program is used instead (defined by $mailProgram in TWiki.cfg).

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