At my work, we have set up an OpenVPN system for our remote users to access the machines in the office. The office machines are set up on a domain. I have created a domain user for her.

A new employee is having difficulty accessing the servers. She connects to the VPN successfully, but then can't actually do anything with it.

  • If she types in \servername, a username/password box comes up. If she enters the username and password I've given her, it thinks for a minute then displays the username/password request again. It doesn't give her any error message, just asks for a password again.
  • If she tries to access the system using Remote Desktop, she gets as far as the login screen, and when she tries to enter it, the machine gives her "Username/password incorrect".

These both occur whether she enters the username as "username" or "domain\username".

Any ideas?


If she can access the server via RDC and it displays wrong username and password I don't think it has anything to do with the OpenVPN connection but rather her credentials. I would check to make sure her username, password and domain are correct.

  • Apparently I will never be a tech support person. The thought that she might be typing the password incorrectly was the last, rather than first thought... :$ – Margaret Nov 17 '10 at 11:44

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