I just upgraded to Trac 0.11.4 on Ubuntu and I noticed that the /usr/share/trac/templates directory no longer exists. As a result, in my trac.ini, the templates_dir variable is not set ([inherit] section) and where the Trac logo is supposed to be I see the alt text (please configure the [header_logo] section in trac.ini).

Does anyone know where either the templates directory is located or the global trac.ini?

Apperantly the /usr/share/trac/templates directory only exist if you install Trac from the Ubuntu repositories (apt-get install trac). However, when you install Trac manually (when you want the latest version e.g.) this location is not created during installation.

You don't necessarily need a global trac.ini. If the logo is missing from you Trac instance you can easily add it by modifying the [header_logo] section of the conf/trac.ini of your Trac installation:

alt = 
height = -1 
link = http://example.org 
src = common/trac_banner.png 
width = -1 

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I'm not using Trac, but maybe you can find the global trac.ini by using

find / -iname "*trac.ini" 2> /dev/null

you can replace the first slash ('root') with the folder where trac is residing and you can leave out the '2> /dev/null' if you're comfortable with scrolling through pages of permission denied errors to find the right path. (or if you are searching with the root account)

find /usr/bin -iname "*trac.ini"
  • Thanks for that. Still getting the hang of Unix commands and 'find' wasn't in my arsenal yet. It appears that there is no global trac.ini. :)
    – Luke
    Jun 5, 2009 at 22:30
src = site/your-logo.png

Place your-logo.png in <trac_environment>/htdocs/

As for the templates, this may help: TracInterfaceCustomization#ProjectTemplates

  • I know that. However, normally when Trac initializes a new environment the default logo is set. In this case it's not. I assume it's set in the global trac.ini if only I could find it.
    – Luke
    Jun 5, 2009 at 22:25
  • The default logo is no longer set in 0.11. That is to encourage people to set a meaningful logo and hopefully reduce the number of bug reports filed at t.e.o that belong elsewhere.
    – retracile
    Jun 7, 2009 at 2:41

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