I wan't to integrate .NET Application Updater Component in my application for auto update of client application. It says

The .NET Application Updater component uses HTTP-DAV to download the application update and thus requires a Web server that supports HTTP-DAV. IIS 5.0 that comes with Windows 2000 and newer operating systems support HTTP-DAV.

My server is a Windows 2008 Server and runs IIS 7.0. Does IIS 7.0 support "HTTP-DAV"? And if yes how can I enable it?

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Looks like you need to configure WebDAV to get .NET Application Updater Component working.


Windows 2008 shipped without an in-box WebDAV implementation.

The IIS team released a WebDAV extension called WebDAV 7.5, which should work for most authoring purposes.

This is the same version of WebDAV that ships in 2008 R2. Use the Web Platform Installer to install it.

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