I have a very strange problem - my server responds quite slowly even though it is basically unused: Apache seems to be less snappy than what I would expect and MySql responds to queries sent via PhpMyAdmin after at least 3/5 seconds even though this could be a simple SELECT and the table only has 10 records. The query itself is fast, but it takes a while before this is run. Interestingly the same query run throuh the command line is instantaneous without any delays.

I've been reading though everything I can find, but none of the solutions seem to apply to my case. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

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It can be a resolution name problem.

Check how phpMyAdmin connects to mysql (ip, localhost, socket ?).


if anyone coming from google, here you go. (sorry for the necro)

put these lines inside your mysql config's [mysqld] section to disable ipv6 lookup.

skip-name-resolve # specially this line

Src: https://stackoverflow.com/a/15436435/9720375

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