How to perform LUN migration in Linux (using LVM and native multipath) from one storage device to another storage device

  • Is there a chance you could tell us some of the details involved please - you've put almost zero effort into this question as it's essentially unanswerable until you do. – Chopper3 Nov 25 '10 at 13:29

Expanding on janneb's comment because I want formatting:


/dev/oldSAN1 (Linux LVM partition)
/dev/newSAN1 (linux LVM partition)
VG "mystuff"


# pvcreate /dev/newSAN1
# vgextend mystuff /dev/newSAN1
# pvmove -v /dev/oldSAN1
# vgreduce -a mystuff
# pvremove /dev/oldSAN1

Obviously, make sure you have a good backup before starting. /dev/newSAN1 has to be as large as or larger than /dev/oldSAN1 as you'd think.


Use the "pvmove" command.

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