I am running Unix(Solaris 10 Server) in my company and we have Oracle database installed on it. When I am trying to login into oracle using oracle(this user made specially to access oracle) user with command

"sqlplus system/system as sysdba"

the prompt says it can't find the sqlplus command. So I went into the home directory of oracle user and tried to open-up .profile file it gives me following error:

""/var/tmp/Ex08470" Permission denied"

and the string after /var/tmp/ always keep changing with every retry.

I googled and found out following answer:

  1. Login as root.

    chmod 755 /var

    chmod 1777 /var/tmp

    NOTE: This is in case the permissions has been screwed up, even though "ll -d" commd shows everything is O.K.

  2. Login as the user.

umask (check umask settings)

umask 077

vi .profile ... edit & save ..

Can anyone explain it to me as what is happening here?

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The user's vi editor is attempting to create a temporary file in the /var/tmp directory when it edits the file. The user didn't have permission to create a new file in /var/tmp, which you gave the user when you issued the chmod commands (see other SF questions or wikipedia for far better explanations than I could give of chmod, file permissions, and umask).

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