is there an open source alternative to pingdom for simple monitoring of uptime that I can host myself? Should report responsetime and latency for web servers with alert of downtime.

I'm looking for something simple to setup so Nagios, zabbix, munin e.t.c. is a bit of an overkill. Thanks!

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    I'll be interested in looking at the business model of any organisation planning on offering a service like this for free. – Chopper3 Nov 26 '10 at 12:13
  • When you say 'host myself', do you want to simply have a local program running that will (ICMP) ping the server regularly and report any failure? – SmallClanger Nov 26 '10 at 12:43
  • @Chopper3, I find a buisness model centered around icmp ping and "http get" a bit fascinating myself. @SmallClanger, ping and or http requests yes. with alert, on my server. – grm Nov 26 '10 at 13:28
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    I'm not sure I see the point. Pingdom is so damn cheap for the service it provides. – Tom O'Connor Dec 12 '10 at 18:58
  • I doubt there'll be an open-source solution that gives you 40+ monitoring locations around the world... – ceejayoz Jan 28 '12 at 21:37

If you need only simple monitoring, try the free plans of Pingdom and AlertFox. Pingdom features a cool 1 min check interval with 1 test, AlertFox has a 5 min test interval but includes 3 free checks plus a free real browser monitoring check, that emails you screenshots of the error.


I'm not familiar with Pingdom, but I think Smokeping will do everything you want. If you specifically want to monitor an HTTP/HTTPS server and not just general connectivity (by way of ICMP), check out the EchoPingHttp and EchoPingHttps probes. There are also probes that will monitor DNS and SSH services.

We use smokeping for general latency and "network health" monitoring all over our network with good results. I just used it last week to help diagnose a duplex mismatch at a remote site.

Setup is pretty minimal, especially if you are familiar with Linux.


Why don't you do it on your own rather than using services like pingdom or alertfox?


For not only responsiveness but SMS, Twitter alerts, etc, along with the regular uptime checking, and 15 second polling (not 30min or whatever useless stuff is out there) you should check out CopperEgg (also has server monitoring):


I think it does what you are looking for and has an awesome interface.


If you're a ruby guy, you may be interested in Outpost, which has a pretty easy-to-use API and can monitor more services than just website uptime/http.

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