I am looking for a way to send my laptop's video and audio outputs to another machine on the network, which is itself connected to a TV and audio amplifier unit. The idea is to be able to switch to "presentation mode" wirelessly. I am using Ubuntu.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Should check a VNC server.

  • VNC Server seems to do the opposite of what I need: Their server provides a remote desktop to their client, which initiates the connection. In my case, I want to send my own desktop to the server (or client, or whatever its name is) that displays it on its screen. So my server is like a VNC client that's continuously listening in to connections from VNC servers. Is that doable with VNC or any other remote desktop software? – infojunkie Dec 18 '10 at 9:12
  • Not that I know of, however it should be relatively easy to write your own script that will connect to your server with the desktop ip/port and have the "server" connect to your desktop. Also you can make the script use rdesktop if your desktop is running windows. Keep in mind you will have to export DISPLAY and xhost + on the server otherwise ssh won't be able to use X. – OneOfOne Dec 18 '10 at 10:58

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