A client would like us to build a microsite off of their domain. The main web site is hosted on a MSFT IIS server on www.client.com URL. We would like to develop the microsite using PHP on an EC2 instance. The URL for the microsite would be www.client.com/sweepstakes.

I am 95% certain that this can be done with a combo of HTTP server config and DNS. But I'm not a sysadmin...



Sounds like you'll need to setup ISA/FF-UAG to get this working the way your described. IIS doesn't have a "proxy" feature like Apache/Nginx/Everything-Else does. You could redirect sweepstakes.client.com to the other site using DNS, that's pretty easy. You can also redirect client.com/sweepstakes to sweepstakes.client.com, and thus end up in the right place.

  • Please pardon my ignorance :) ISA is Internet Security and Acceleration Server?? FF-UAG is Forefront Unified Access Gateway?? – spdaly Nov 30 '10 at 20:21
  • You got it! Sorry, was going to post a ton of link, then got pulled off on something else. – Chris S Nov 30 '10 at 20:22

As Chris mentions, a proxy feature is what you're looking for - most likely a reverse proxy with URL rewriting or similar. IIS doesn't support this natively, but there are extensions/modules available that perform this for you.

A good site for learning more is IIS.net, and a good article on the same site exists.


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