Is it possible to manage a DHCP server that runs on a windows 2003 machine from linux? I have searched but can't find anything.

I am hoping to script something up in linux (whatever language), that would allow me to add/remove dhcp leases via command line in linux (ie: ./add-dhcp-lease.pl )

Anyone know if this is even possible?

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allow me to add/remove dhcp leases via command line in linux (ie: ./add-dhcp-lease.pl )

That pre-supposes that the MS dhcp server has some API or CLI interface itself. AFAIK, although it uses a JET DB to maintain the config, this is not intended to be accessible by other programs, and there is no published API. However the netsh command is a CLI tool available on MSWindows boxes for configuring the DHCP server. How you get the instructions from the Linux box to the MSWindows box is a different can of worms. Telnet is very insecure - but you could tunnel it over SSL (e.g. using stunnel at both ends).

It would be massively simpler to run a dhcpd on the linux box.

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  • netsh and win32 APIs are the only ways I know of to remotely control Windows DHCP. – Michael Steele Apr 21 '11 at 20:00

Thank you all, I think my using a combination of winexe and netsh from a linux script I may be able to get this to work.

I know that RDP'ing and doing it by hand would be the preferred way, but I wanted some automation to make our lives easier.

I appreciate all of your time!


Oh, and I would love to be running dhcpd on a linux box, believe me, but I'm the only one who wants to, haha. ;/

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