I am working on spec'ing out a new Hyper-V server, and I am running into something that I find confusing--I have the following choices:

146GB 15k RPM, SAS, 3Gbps, 3.5"
146GB 10k RPM, SAS, 6Gbps, 2.5"

Why does the 10k drive come only with the lower bus--I would have thought that the 15k drive would come with the 6Gbps bus?

What am I missing?



  • You can get 15k/6Gbps (and 10k/3Gbps) so this must just be related to where you are doing your shopping - you are just seeing what they have available. – MattB Dec 1 '10 at 19:02

The top tier of disks typically lags a bit for the newest access methods. Those drives are held to higher tolerances when it comes to manufacture, and "1.0 problems" need not apply.


Plus there are release schedules. Probably the 15k is just not due for a new release. Seriously, though, this is mostly academic - in a random IO scenario it is HARD to use up the 3gbps. You need more than a handfull of discs for that.

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