I have 2-3 node clusters for our load balancers and various web applications. I'm having to make the change in QA first, then in staging (on 2-3 servers), then in production (on 2-3) servers. Is a configuration management tool like chef or puppet appropriate here? Or is it overkill? If it's overkill are there any tips to making this easier.

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Not overkill at all. Start using puppet now, and it'll pay for itself in the long run. Seriously.

I use puppet even if i'm only deploying one server, because I know at some point it'll probably have to be replaced, rebuilt, or another one added as a backup.

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    What Tom said, but with Chef :-) Being able to bring up a server from scratch quickly, even if its the only one you've got is invaluable. Dec 3, 2010 at 21:29
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    Neh, Chef, Puppet, Capistrano, Cfengine.. There's loads of tools. The important thing is using something. I prefer puppet, because that's what I learnt on. I'm sure Chef is good too, but I've not used it ;) Dec 4, 2010 at 1:11

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